Most problems can be avoided with good communication between resellers and suppliers. This may be through email, telephone, Skype, Messenger or some other form, but it is important for both supplier and reseller to have a good understanding of how they will partner with each other.

If you have problems with a dropship supplier the first action to take is to contact the supplier and try to rectify the situation. Sometimes small problems turn into large ones without good communication between parties.

Be sure before you start using the services of a dropship supplier that they have provided you with terms and conditions for you to follow and make sure you read them. Take notes when trying to rectify a problem with a supplier for later reference.

If you do not get satisfaction from your dropship supplier there are other avenues to take including government agencies who deal with these type of problems including the Department Of Fair Trading or other similar organisation in your State or country.

If you have a problem with a dropship supplier listed on Dropship Australia please let us know (after you have tried to rectify it with the supplier). We will do our best to help you but we cannot take any responsibility for business transactions between resellers and suppliers (see terms and conditions).