The Dropship Australia Community

Only those who are serious about their business are able to access the Dropship Australia community. This is to ensure that those that are a part of the community are protected from spammers and other undesirable influences. We call this the ‘Inner Circle’ Membership.

The membership areas and consist of;

  • Community Forums – where members can get help, advice, training and share their experiences with other members.
  • Tools, Training and Resources – building and maintaining an online business takes experience. Inner Circle members will be able to learn from our many years of online business and avoid the traps and pitfalls that others will encounter.
  • Dedicated Support – We have provided a dedicated support contact area so the Inner Circle Business members can contact us and get priority support and advice.
  • Access to the Dropship and Wholsale Suppliers Directory. Only inner circle members can access the suppliers directory

Dropship Australia Community Forum

The Dropship Australia Forum is the place to ask questions and share your experiences. We encourage all users to introduce themselves and subscribe to forum topics. When you subscribe you will receive email notifications of new suppliers and responses to your questions.

Connections and Collaboration

Members will have the option to connect with others to form business partnerships and joint ventures. Online business can be a lonely place for some. Knowing that you have others to share your experiences, ask questions and form long term business relationships with can make business easier and more profitable.

Business Ambassadors

We will have special guests sharing their knowledge and presenting their services to our community members.

We are always seeking successful business people to share knowledge and appropriate services with our members. If you wish to join in as a contributor and have some value to add to our community please contact us and let us know how you can contribute. We would be happy to hear from you.

We look forward to seeing you in the Inner Circle.

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